At Rochetts Farm we produce top quality hay for the equine market, from fields that are planted specially with selected grass varieties to produce a high fibre, high quality uniform product that your horse will love. We use the latest technology and machinery to cultivate and harvest the grass to ensure the final product is consistently dried and stored to give a clean dust free feed.

What makes our hay stand out is that we rotate our grass fields with our arable crops to ensure we have a consistent product with only the most nutritious grasses without any harmful weeds.  I.e. we do not just cut and bale any old piece of grass complete with weeds to make a few bales of hay.

We specialise in producing traditional small conventional bales (approx 23-25kg each) because we believe you can’t beat them for their practicality at the stable yard. They can be moved by hand and stacked into any available space, shared between many different stables and then they each have about ten wedges per bale allowing you to easily fill hay nets with the least amount of effort.

What makes Rochetts Farm hay special?

  • It is grown in a crop rotation so there are no weeds in the fields
  • The grass is selected specially for hay production, usually mixtures of ryegrass, timothy and meadow grass varieties.
  • The ground is cultivated and fertilised to ensure the grass grows healthily and produces a nutritious product for your horse
  • The grass is cut and turned using specialist machinery to ensure all the crop dries out uniformly and as quickly as possible to avoid the crop getting damaged by rain.
  • The crop is only baled once the moisture content of the grass is below 18% to ensure the bales are dust and mould free and the quality of the grass is preserved in the bale
  • Once the hay bales have been made we never leave them outside over night because they get damp from the dew and from the ground which spoils the quality and can make them go mouldy
  • The hay is all stored in weather proof barns that keep the hay dry until it is needed for delivery

Call on 07790 262216 for free delivery within 10 miles, £80 minimum order.

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Collection from the Rochetts Farm is available by appointment only with a minimum collection value of £80 because we are a working farm and do not run a shop. So please give us a ring if you prefer to collect.


All hay is stored in packs of 21 bales so get big discounts for ordering full packs!

No of Bales Price per bale
1-20 bales £5/bale
21 or 42 bales £4/bale
63, 84 or 105 bales £3.70/bale
105+ bales Please ring for a price


We offer free local delivery, for more information click here