Welcome to Rochetts Farm, we specialise in producing top quality hay, straw and haylage alongside our free range chickens which we keep for free range egg production.

About Rochetts Farm

We are a traditional family run farm and have been farming at Rochetts Farm in the village of South Weald near Brentwood for three generations, giving us a wealth of experience at producing quality crops and keeping livestock.

We grow specialist varieties of grass especially for the equine hay market. We rotate our grassland with our arable crops which are ploughed, seeded and managed to ensure all our crops are clean, healthy and highly nutritious. The straw from our wheat crop is also baled up to provide a great economical bedding material for your stables. In recent years due to customers requests we have also been producing haylage from the same top quality grass crops we use for hay with great results.

Alongside our grass and arable crops we keep free range chickens that roam freely in 20 acres of mixed grassland and woodland to produce free range eggs. As a small family farm we have always kept livestock here and know how to look after them to ensure they have the best quality of life.

Call on  07790 262216 for free delivery within 10 miles, £80 minimum order

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